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About Us

TAKRIIR has succeeded in becoming a reliable and successful company in a short period of time with its experienced and specialized staff.

The target of our company is to ‘‘design treatment plants with the highest quality and the lowest operation costs’’ as part of management of waste - water and water treatment.

While it fulfills its targets, our company has communicated R&D awareness to its employees, planned the implementation of R&D projects in the enterprises to which it provides services, and continues to operate in line with these purposes.

In all its projects, the target of the company is to make scientific cooperation with the universities and institutions to execute its treatment services by following up environmental technologies.

For this purpose, founding all types of plants and taking over the already-existing plants and managing and operating them efficiently have become our way of doing business.

Lebanon needs to improve its technology and develop innovative products so that it can be listed as one of the developed countries in the world.

In this regard, each company in our country should work in line with this purpose and develop its R&D activities.

our Target

As a company, we consider R&D not as part of our management strategy but our main strategy. Particularly, we succeed in ensuring compliance of the industrial waste waters of our clients, which require specialization, with the standards and legal regulations based on our know-how from R&D projects.

Definitely, the correct use of water will be accepted as the biggest indicator of development in the future.

The strategies regarding water will determine national economies, healthy living criteria and nutrition habits.

As a result, TAKRIIR company plans all its services by thinking about the future and follows up and efficiently implements the ever-changing World technology in all its projects.


We strive to maximize quality and customer satisfaction in our sector through our experienced staff and our service concept based on the advanced technology at world standards.


While we conduct our activities, we select the technologies and processes that are less harmful to the environment, use our natural resources in the most efficient way, ensure disposal of the wastes in the most suitable conditions and aim to minimize our impacts on the environment


The target of our company is to ensure quality at the highest standards in all our processes. We aim to fulfill our commitments and achieve our targets through continuous improvement, dynamic, innovative, researched based follower and supervisory approach.