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Water and wastewater flow control devices.equipment





equipmentScreens are used to remove coarse particles in water and wastewater and to retain solids found in the influent waste- water to the treatment plant. Screens are the essential units for treatment plants. They are pre-treatment units used to protect mechanical components in wastewater treatment plants, prevent possible physical damages in the equipment in treatment plants and increase treatment efficiency.




4 equipment

Grit chambers are commonly used in wastewater treatment systems with and without aeration. Grits are transferred to the groove on the base of the channel by means of two-way movable scrapers along the grit chambers, and are pumped into the grit separator by submersible pumps.




If the grits taken from grit chambers are kept for a long period of time, it may cause odor problem due to their high organic substance contents. Therefore, grits are washed with water in the grit chambers to reduce their organic substance contents, then they are separated from water in order to obtain drier sand which occupy less space there- fore reduce the overall volume.






This is the most essential component of biological treatment processes. Aerators that are designed in a way that they will ensure transfer of oxygen with high efficiency and have a mechanical structure that consists of drive unit with engine and redactor as well as body, shaft and fan. Fan, which is designed to prevent sedimentation, creates plenty of thin air bubbles by spraying the wastewater absorbed vertically in parallel to the pool surface. Such bubbles are transferred to the lowest points with the mixture created in the pool, and long contact period is achieved.



Floating Surface AeratorFloating Surface Aerator

Brush AeratorBrush Aerator


Jet AeratorJet Aerator



ConveyorsConveyors are designed in a way that will transfer different type of materials that contain solid, sludge and water. They are generally used for the transfer of grid wastes, sand and dewatered sludge in treatment plants.

They are used for removal of suspended solids in fresh water and wastewater treatment plants. The body which is made of carbon steel with thickness suitable for operating pressure can be coated by epoxy or dip-galvanized coating can be applied upon request.

Sludge Dewatering


A physical process applied to reduce the water content of sludge.